Fiksal: Correct Your Language Before It Offends.

Your Journey to Creating Mindful, Responsible, Appropriate, and Powerful Communication begins with Fiksal.

How It Works

Real-Time Protection

Fiksal provides proactive prompts to safeguard reputation, brand integrity, and communication intent.

Educate Instantly

Receive real-time feedback and education on phrases that could be potentially damaging or misunderstood.

Communicate Confidently

With Fiksal’s guidance, refine your language to reflect your true intent, fostering clear and respectful dialogue.

Why Fiksal

Prevent Misunderstandings

Protect your personal and organizational reputation by avoiding language pitfalls.

Promote Inclusivity

Our sophisticated algorithm is designed to identify and address biases, promoting a more inclusive communication style.

Global Awareness

Enhance your cultural and social literacy, leading to more effective and empathetic global interactions.

Real-Time Protection

Align writer intent with sensitivity and inclusivity to safeguard your brand, elevate customer experiences, and boost company culture.

While spelling and grammar tools are valuable, they fail to flag potentially misunderstood or offensive phrases that could complicate interactions with your team, superiors, or customers.

Use Fiksal with your preferred writing tool to safeguard your communications, protecting both sender and recipient from offensive, unsafe, or damaging content, and ensuring every interaction is constructive and positive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard your communications from language that could harm, offend, or misrepresent, ensuring every message you send aligns with your intended meaning.

Our Vision

To create a world where every individual and organization communicates with purpose, precision, and empathy.

Our Services

Comprehensive Language Scanning

Uncover potential language concerns in your digital communication.

Real-Time Feedback and Suggestions​

Learn about harmful language and receive alternative suggestions on the spot.​

Educational Insights

Know why specific phrases may be problematic and how to avoid them.

@ 2024 Fiksal. All rights reserved.


@ 2024 Fiksal. All rights reserved.


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